Honky Tonk Bar


Address: Covarrubias, 24
Opening hours: 21:30-05:00 (till 06:00 Fridays, Saturdays, and nights before holidays)


One of the most classical and “mythic” music bars at Madrid. Open from November of 1987, after 30 years still offers drinks and live music. At this stage have played many of the musicians from the “movida madrileña”, the artistic and cultural movement started at mid 70´s than lasted till the end of the 80´s.

The local has a bar at the top floor, with beverages (around 10 euros) or soft drinks (around 4-5 euros), not cheap but in the average of Madrid nightlife. Stage is at the basement, with concerts from Monday to Saturday, some of the days with a couple of passes, first usually at 21:30 and second around midnight. Some of the concerts are free. To see the program and schedule you can take a look at their web site (only in Spanish): www.clubhonky.com/programacion

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