Pedraza Taberna


– Type of food: Spanish, Tapas
– Must: Spanish Omelette Betanzos Style (Tortilla estilo Betanzos), Ham croquettes (Croquetas de Jamón), Spicy Hot Potatos (Patatas Bravas), “Tiger” mussels (Mejillones tigre)
– Other: The whole menu

– Address: Ibiza, 38
– Opening hours: 13:00-16:30 y 20:00-23:30 Mondays´ not open.

– Last visit: September 28th, 2017


The Spanish Omelette Betanzo´s style (Tortilla de Betanzos, 14 €) is awesome. Ham croquettes  (2 € each) are soooo good. “Tiger” mussels (2´20 € each) and “patatas bravas” (8 €) are really good as well. Some of the courses and “tapas” can be ordered by units or half portions, what let you try more things from the menu. This is big, I would need many meals to try everything I would like to. The only thing I didn´t like is that they charge 2 € per person if you seat to eat, or 1´30 € for the bread portion. The place is well decorated, and the personnel is nice. Worth a visit.

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