In the heart of Madrid there are some restrictions to get into the city center or parking with your own or hiring car:

  • All the huge area inside M-30 street/road (and at some of the streets right outside the limits of this road) has some restrictions to park. Cars must pay to park in the streets from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. These spots have a time limit depending on the colors of the line marks: Green spots has a 2 hours limit, blue spots a 4 hours limit, and the special “blue & red” spots (around some parks and gardens) where you can park up to 12 hours for a small amount of money. There are parking meters where you can pay, either in cash or debit/credit cards (if the parking meter is not broken). Once you exceed the maximum time you need to go to other neighborhood or not returning in 1 hour.
  • Madrid Central: Madrid Government has introduced a new restriction from the end of November of 2018 for a big area in the city center, including all the historical neighborhoods. Vehicles with A label/sticker (the ones with higher emissions) are not allowed in that area. B or C labelled are allowed for access but they need to get into a public parking (or into a private parking but this parking would need to inform the City of the vehicle plate in order of not getting a “ticket”/fine). ECO or “Zero Emissions” are allowed to park at the street, “Zero Emissions” free so far (If the City does not change their mind, what they use to do quite often). This area has a double red line on the outside limits to mark the avoided zone.

So, if you come to Madrid by car, talk with your hotel or apartment owner where you are staying, so they can help you about what to do to avoid a fine. In my opinion you should have in mind a budget to park in a public parking (around 30 euros a day), or in some of the low-cost parkings in the city (depending on where you are staying at, or how often you will use the car). A good option would be parking in a zone of the city where you will not need to pay and near a metro station, and then take the Metro to your place. 

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