Who I am

My name is Alfonso, and I host students, workers/professionals, and visitors coming to Madrid. I´m Airbnb Superhost, and I organize activities and experiences in the city, including my own tapa´s tour. Apart from this I own Chesterfield Centre, a small ESL Organization, sending kids to England and United States to learn English.

Travel is my passion, I´ve been in around 40 countries (some of them several times), and in all of them I always love to try different foods. To me gastronomy is a must in any kind of trip, so let me help you to make your time in Madrid (and in other parts of Spain) the best with my opinions and tips. And not just about gastronomy, in this blog you would find many tips about lodging, transport, visits and activities, and many more.

And if you would like me to prepare a great trip and stay in Madrid, in the blog menu at “Help & Services” you would find the info about this possibility.