For Workers


An advising service and help to look for the best place to live (and with everything you´ll need) while you are working at Madrid. This city is not an easy place to find good properties to live during a short/mid term stay, and it´s even more difficult for workers and foreigners. I´ll offer you my help to find the best option for your stay. You can choose just a basic help, or a more complete help and advising for the whole time you will be here.

Down you have a couple of different possibilities to choose from. I´ll help you to look for the best possible lodging for you based on your preferences (area, Price, type of flat/apartment…), both definitive or temporarily while you look for the best one.  I can help you with everything you could need, with the renting contract, and with any issues during the time you are here. Apart from this, I can tell you the best things to do in the city. I´ll give you 2 different possibilities:

  • Basic option (24´20 €). This option includes:
    • Help about  which areas are the best for you to live at, depending on:
      • Where is your working centre
      • Transport from the different possibilities where you could live to the working centre
      • Others: prices, types of flat, what is included in the renting…
    • Advising about transport in Madrid
    • Advising and help in the search of a temporary flat while you look for a permanent place
    • A selection of places to eat, visits and activities, depending on your preferences
  • Premium option (121 €). Includes everything in the Basic Service, and:
    • Advising  in the searching of the flat (once you have chosen the area):
      • Searching of 2 different choices to rent
      • Visit and checking of the choices
    • If you got the renting on your own: visit and checking of the place
    • Help and advising with the renting contract
    • Help and advising about any issue with the renting (during the first month)
    • 24/7 help during the first month

NOTE: If you wish to extend the help and advising during the whole time you are here, that service will cost you 18´15 € each additional month after the first one (the month of the Premium option).