Help & Services


Many times, when we visit another city or country, we would appreciate some help and advice to make our stay at that place a great experience. If you are a student or worker from other part of the world coming temporarily, a traveler with no much time who wants to spend a great time in the city, or just want your visit would be the best during your time here, I can help you with all you need.

Depending on the dates and type of trip you are coming, I would be able to help you on what to do, short trips, transport in the city, where to stay (type of lodging, áreas…), what to eat and where, visit to other parts of Spain and how to combine it (transport between places, what to visit, where to go…), health assistance you will need, and many more.

I can get you tickets for events and shows, book hotels and restaurants for you…  If you think you would be interested in this service or you just have any question, please contact me at